Cardiac Thoracic & Endovascular Therapies, S.C.

Curriculum Vitae



Abilene Christian University (1968 – 1972)
Abilene, TX
Bachelor of Science, Magna Cum Laude


Baylor College of Medicine (1972 – 1975)
Houston, TX
Doctor of Medicine



University of Alabama Hospital/Clinics (1975 – 1976)
Birmingham, AL


University of Alabama Hospital/Clinics (1976 – 1980)
Birmingham, AL
Surgical, Chief Surgical and Administrative Chief Resident

The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (1980 – 1982)
Philadelphia, PA
Cardiothoracic Surgical Resident


Illinois, September 1998 036.099138


American Board of Surgery
December 1981 Cert. No. 027386
Recertified 2006

American Board of Thoracic Surgery
June 1983 Cert. No. 4074
Recertified 2003

American Board of Surgery/Special Qualifications in
Vascular Surgery
May 1995 Cert. No. 000895
Recertified 2003


American Board of Thoracic Surgery
American College of Surgeons
American Medical Association
Illinois Chapter of American College of Surgeons
International Society for Endovascular Surgery
Midwestern Vascular Surgical Society
Society for Clinical Vascular Surgery
Society for Vascular Surgery
Southern Medical Association


Methodist Medical Center of Central Illinois, Peoria, IL
Active Staff 1999

OSF St. Francis Medical Center, Peoria, IL
Courtesy Staff 1999

Proctor Hospital, Peoria, IL
Active Staff 1999

Perry Memorial Hospital, Princeton, IL
Courtesy Staff 2004

Pekin Hospital, Pekin, IL
Active Staff 2004

OSF St. Mary Medical Center, Galesburg, IL
Courtesy Staff 2005

OSF Holy Family Medical Center, Monmouth, IL
Courtesy Staff 2006

Ottawa Regional Hospital, Ottawa, IL
Active Staff 2007

Illinois Valley Community Hospital, Peru, IL
Consulting Staff 2007

Graham Hospital and Graham Long Term Care Facility, Canton, IL
Consulting Staff 2010



Cardiac Thoracic and Endovascular Therapies, S.C.
Peoria, IL  (2003 – present)

Endovascular Therapies Fellowship Training, Ltd. NFP
Peoria, IL  (2006 – 2013)

Illinois Cardiac Surgery Associates, S.C.
Director, Vascular Lab Peoria, IL  (1999 – 2003)

Private practice of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery Responsible
for establishing Cardiac Surgery Program
Jefferson Memorial Hospital
Crystal City, MO (1994 – 1999)

Jefferson Memorial Hospital
Director, Vascular Lab
Crystal City, MO  (1994 – 1999)

West Texas Cardiothoracic Surgery P.C.
Director, Vascular Lab
Responsible for establishing Cardiac Surgery Program
at Abilene Regional Medical Center Abilene, TX  (1984 – 1994)

Private practice of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery
Responsible for establishing Cardiac Surgery Program
at Holy Name of Jesus Hospital
Gadsden, AL  (1982 – 1984)

Asst. Director, Vascular Lab
at Baptist Medical Center
Gadsden, AL  (1982 – 1984)


Investigator – U.S. FDA Phase II Clinical Trial for Endologix PowerLink System for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

Investigator – U.S. FDA Phase I Feasibility Study for Endomed Endograft for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

Co-Investigator – U.S. FDA Phase II Clinical Trial for Talent Endograft for Thoracic Aortic Pathology

Co-Investigator – U.S. FDA Trial reintroducing Ancure Bifurcated Endograft for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

Sub-Investigator – Emboshield and Xact Post-Approval Carotid Stent Trial (The EXACT Study)

Co-Principal Investigator – A Post-Approval Study of Guidant Carotid Stent Systems and Embolic Protection Systems (Carotid RX ACCULINK/ RX ACCUNET Post-Approval Trial to Uncover Unanticipated or Rare Events * CAPTURE)
Investigator, for the post market surveillance for the Gore Thoracic Aortic Endograft

Investigator – A Post-Approval Study of the Guidant Carotid Stent Systems and Embolic Protection Systems (Carotid RX ACCULINK/RX ACCUNET Post-Approval Trial to Uncover Unanticipated or Rare Events * CAPTURE 2)

Investigator – A Clinical Evaluation of the GORE TAG Thoracic Endoprosthesis in the Primary Treatment of Descending Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms

Investigator – Carotid Stenting for High Surgical Risk Patients: Evaluating Outcomes Through the Collection of Clinical Evidence (“CHOICE”)

Investigator – Endologix Suprarenal Bifurcated Powerlink System: Abdominal Aortic/Aorto-Iliac Aneurysm Endoluminal Graft Study (Suprarenal Study)

Investigator – Endologix Bifurcated Powerlink System: Clinical Study Abdominal Aortic/Aortic-Iliac Aneurysm Endoluminal Graft Study Investigational Plan (Phase 2)

Investigator – Stenting and Angioplasty with Protection in Patients at High Risk for Endarterectomy (Sapphire WW post-market surveillance study)

Investigator – PYTHAGORAS: Prospective Aneurysm Trial: High Angle Aorfix Bifurcated Stent Graft


Cordis Corporation
Simbionix – CAS Mentor Unit (simulation-based training)
Educational Grant August 2011

eV3, Inc.
Educational Grant May 2008

Cordis Corporation
Simbionix – CAS Mentor Unit (simulation-based training)
Educational Grant February 2008

Endologix, Inc
Educational Grant November 2007

W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc
Educational Grant May 2007
Cordis Corporation
Simbionix – CAS Mentor Unit (simulation-based training) Educational Grant February 2007


W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
$10,000 Educational Grant January 2004

Cordis Corporation
$1,000 Educational Grant May 1996

Johnson Interventional Systems
$5,000 Educational Grant July 1993
American Medical Association
Physicians Recognition Award June 1991- June 1994


Peoria Community Institutional Review Board
Board Member, 2005-2006

University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria
Assistant Clinical Professor, April 2003

Texas Heart Institute, The Texas Registry & Coordination Center for Cardiovascular Medicine
Scientific Advisory Committee, 1994

Johnson & Johnson Interventional Systems
National Stent Forum, 1994
Intravascular Stent Proctor, 1992

Abilene Regional Medical Center
Steering Committee Chairman,
Abilene Heart & Vascular Institute, 1993
Board of Trustees, 1991-1994
Critical Care/Cardiovascular Chairman, 1992-1994

Abilene Heart & Vascular Institute, Founding
Member, 1992
Medical Executive Board, 1991-1993

American Heart Association, Texas Affiliate
Board of Directors & Development Committee, 1989-1992

American Heart Association, Taylor County
President 1988-1989, 1990-1991
Board Member, 1986-1993

American College of Cardiology
Fellowship, 1988

American College of Chest Physicians
Fellowship, 1987

American College of Surgeons
Fellowship, 1986

National Proctor for Guidant Carotid Angioplasty, Stenting
and Protection System, Current

National Proctor for the Cordis Carotid Angioplasty, Stenting
and Protection System, Current


Karp, R.B., Williams, J.B., Indications, techniques and results of xenograft valve replacement: University of Alabama in Proceedings of the Symposium on Bioprosthetic Cardiac Valves.
Munich, April 5-7, 1979 p. 17

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Williams, J.B., Silver, D., Laws, H.L.: Successful manage-ment of patients with blunt heart rupture. Journal of Trauma, July, 1982

Williams, J.B., Stephenson, L.W., Josephson, M., Holfor, F., Langer, T., Dunkman, B.: Cardiac arrhythmias following coronary artery bypass grafting and their prevention with propranolol. Annals of Thoracic Surgery, 1983

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Straker, J.W., Willett, R.R., Carlson, D., Williams, J.B.: Use of the Bio-Medicus Pump in conjunction with the Argyle Gott TDMAC Shunt during repair of an atherosclerotic aneurysm of the descending thoracic aorta. The Journal of Extra-Corporeal Technology, Vol. 20, No. 4, Winter 1988

Williams, J.B., Nguyen, V.A., Watts, P.W., Peterson, C.L.: A retrospective analysis of balloon angioplasty with intraluminal stenting as the initial treatment modality in aortoiliac occlusive disease. American Journal of Surgery, Vol. 1681, 1994 pp. 202-204

Wudel, J.H., Williams, J.B.: Right axillary artery conduit for antegrade deployment of a thoracic aortic endoprosthesis. The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, 135: 436-437 February 2008


Kiev Heart Institute
Cardiac Surgery in a United States Hospital
Ukraine, Soviet Union   October 1988

The Society of Clinical Vascular Surgery
22nd Annual Symposium on Vascular Surgery
Retrospective Analysis of Balloon Angioplasty with Intraluminal Stenting as the Initial Treatment Modality in Aortoiliac Occlusive Disease
Tucson, Arizona   March 1994

The Southwest Surgical Congress
Use of Intravascular Stenting as an Intraoperative Bailout Procedure…Report of Two Cases
Tucson, Arizona   April 1994

Vascular Access V
Use of a Palmaz Stent for Salvage of a Brachiobasilic Arteriovenous Fistula
Tuscon, Arizona   April 1996

Cardiothoracic Techniques and Technologies VII
Invited Faculty
Endoaortic Aneurysm Repair: Surgical Techniques and Early Experience with Ancure Endograft
New Orleans, Louisiana   January 2001

Texas Heart Institute
The Ancure Endoluminal Graft System for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair
Houston, Texas   February 2001

Cardiothoracic Techniques and Technologies VIII
Invited Faculty
Modern Treatment of Aortic Dissection
How to Develop an Endovascular Practice
Hallandale Beach, Florida   January 2002

International Congress XV
Endoluminal Graft Exclusion of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm via Iliofemoral Conduit: The Next Evolution
Scottsdale, Arizona   February 2002

International Symposium on Endovascular Therapy
Multicenter Trial of the PowerLink Bifurcated System for Endovascular Aortic Aneurysm Repair
Miami, Florida   January 2003

International Congress XVI
Incidence, Recognition, and Prevention of Massive Atheroembolism in Endografting for AAA
Scottsdale, Arizona   February 2003

Cardiothoracic Techniques and Technologies IX
Invited Faculty
Symposium Co-Chair: Endovascular Grafting of Aortic Disease
Industrial Symposium: Are You Ready for a Practice Change?
Miami, Florida   March 2003

John Goodman & Associates International Conference
Endovascular Strategies for the Future
Las Vegas, Nevada   August 2003

Midwestern Vascular Surgical Society
Invited Faculty
Advanced Endovascular Course
Chicago, Illinois   September 2003

International Congress XVII
Invited Faculty
Current Treatment of Stanford Type B Aortic Dissection: Are There Better Alternatives?
Scottsdale, Arizona   February 2004

John Goodman & Associates International Conference
Strategies for the Development of a Vascular Center
Las Vegas, Nevada   August 2004

John Goodman & Associates: Heart Institutes – Vascular Institutes: The New Era
Invited Faculty
Strategies for The Development of a Vascular Center
Las Vegas, Nevada   October 2004

International Congress XVIII
Invited Faculty
Hybrid Techniques for Stanford Type A Dissections Will Become Standard Therapy
Scottsdale, Arizona   February 2005

John Goodman & Associates International Conference
Strategies for the Development of a Vascular Center
Las Vegas, Nevada   February 2005

John Goodman & Associates International Conference
Building a Cutting-Edge Endovascular Center: The
Surgeon’s Perspective
Las Vegas, Nevada   May 2005

John Goodman & Associates International Conference
Developing the Full Spectrum of Vascular Services: Insights from a Vascular Surgeon
Las Vegas, Nevada August 2005

Peripheral Vascular Disease
Pekin, Illinois   September 2005

John Goodman & Associates Cardiovascular Program
Seizing the New Vascular Opportunity: The Vascular
Surgeon’s Mandate: Leveling the Playing Field
Las Vegas, Nevada   October 2005

John Goodman & Associates: Building & Expanding Cardiovascular Revenue
Developing the Peripheral Vascular Program
Audio Conference   January 2006

International Congress XIX
Invited Faculty
Does Pre-op AAA Size Favorably Influence Sac Regression, Classical Remodeling and Perioperative Treatment variability with the Powerlink® System
Scottsdale, Arizona   February 2006

John Goodman & Associates: The Future for Cardiovascular Centers
Capitalizing On New Markets, Growth Opportunities, and Technologies
Las Vegas, Nevada   April 2006

Illinois Chapter American College of Surgeons
Current Applications of Thoracic Endografting
Utica, Illinois   May 2006

John Goodman & Associates International Conference
The Multi Dimensional Vascular Institute: A Proven Growth Strategy
Las Vegas, Nevada   August 2006

Quad Cities Vascular Conference
Diagnosis & Treatment of PVD
Rock Island, Illinois   September 2006

John Goodman & Associates, Inc.
Capturing the Cardiovascular Market: Growth Performance & Market Leadership
Las Vegas, Nevada  October 2006

2006 Heart & Lung Clinic Cardiothoracic Update
New Treatments for Thoracic Aortic Disease
Carotid Intervention: Hope for Blocked Vessels
Management of AAA
Case Review: Let’s Put It All Together
Bismarck, North Dakota   October 2006

Northeast Hospital Corporation
Integrated Cardiovascular Model of Care
Beverly, Massachusetts   November 2006

International Congress XX
Invited Faculty
Technique of Aortic Banding to Facilitate Placement of Endografts for Thoracic and Infrarenal Aneurysms
Scottsdale, Arizona   February 2007

National Vascular Surgery Summit
Faculty Panelist
Patient Selection for Infrapopliteal CTOs
Nashville, Tennessee   April 2007

International Congress XXI
Invited Faculty
Lessons Learned From Infrarenal Aortic Banding: Fate of Supraband Segment
Scottsdale, Arizona   February 2008

International Congress XXII
Invited Faculty
Paraplegia after Infrarenal Endoluminal Grafting: Incidence, Recongnition, Treatment
Scottsdale, Arizona   February 2009

International Congress XXIII
Invited Faculty
Closure of Aortocaval Fistula After ELG Repair of
Ruptured AAA Using the Amplatzer Occlusion Device
Scottsdale, Arizona   March 2010

Medtronic CBVT Bootcamp
Taining, Credentialing, and Practice Development in A 
Progressively Hostile Environment for Cardiac Surgeons 
Minneapolis, Minnesota   November 2010

iCON2011 International Congress for Endovascular Specialists
Invited Faculty
Percutaneous Subclavian Arterial Access With  
Closure Devise for Debranching and Intervention
Scottsdale, Arizona   February 2011

Medtronic CBVT Bootcamp
Taining & Credentialing in a Progressively Changing Environment 
Minneapolis, Minnesota   April 2011

From James B. Williams, M.D.

"I consider it a great honor and priviledge to serve the people of this region as your cardiovascular surgeon. I will strive to deliver the best and most current cardiovascular care."

- James B. Williams, M.D.

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