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James B. Williams, Jr., M.D., FACS, ISES

With more than 28 years of surgical experience, Dr. James Williams is considered a pioneer in endovascular surgery in Central Illinois. Nationally recognized as an innovator, he has given numerous national and international presentations and has provided training and proctoring for other physicians.

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Dr. Williams maintains privileges at 10 hospitals in the northern and central Illinois region. Learn more about Dr. Williams' hospital affiliations.

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Our Mission

To deliver the best available cardiovascular care to our patients with no exceptions. To have every patient feel valued, respected, and satisfied with our services.

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Healthy Cells October 2015 Features Cover Story on Dr. James B. Williams, M.D.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Saving Lives, One Leg at a Time

Cardiac Thoracic & Endovascular Therapies, S.C. on October 06, 2015 by Lori Lovely

Recognized as an innovator in endovascular surgery, Dr. James Williams provides comprehensive care for patients with various types of vascular conditions at six Cardiac Thoracic & Endovascular Therapies, S.C. locations in central Illinois. His Peoria location features a venous suite and arterial interventional suite equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology to treat patients suffering from pain in their legs when they walk, skin ulcerations in their feet or ankles, or obstructions in their arteries...

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Why You’ll Remember Us

Concern. Ours is with the patient, and not only with our practice’s patients. Dr. Williams helped organize and participates in vascular clinics in multiple locations in Central Illinois for examination or follow-up of those who are unable to travel to Peoria.

Experience. Dr. Williams has performed thousands of surgical and endovascular procedures successfully, and also teaches other doctors performing the same procedures all over the country.

First. Dr. Williams was one of the first surgeons to perform endoluminal aortic grafting in the Peoria area for aneurysms of the aorta.

Commitment. We are committed to this area of the state and to expanding the medical services available. Largely through Dr. Williams’ efforts many new techniques have been brought to this area. With the expansion of specialized operating rooms called “endosuites”, operations and minimally invasive techniques can be performed together.

From James B. Williams, M.D.

"I consider it a great honor and priviledge to serve the people of this region as your cardiovascular surgeon. I will strive to deliver the best and most current cardiovascular care."

- James B. Williams, M.D.

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